Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October Visitors!

Sorry for the blog lull this month ... I've been struggling still with the adjustment back to life here and the excesses that accompany it; feeling like I just don't fit in. Then on the flip-side, fitting right in by feeling discontent with my life. Ahh ... I hate how when all our survival/safety needs are met, we immediately look around and feel unhappy with what we have (or maybe I'm alone in this??!?)
The reality that we plan to live here for THREE years is settling in on me. This will be the first time since we've been married that we've moved somewhere and planned from the get-go to live in that place for more than just one year. It's scaring me a little. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this location and our living situation is truly wonderful, but on so many days it just feels so ... unexciting. I feel so ungrateful for even thinking this way, but there it is.

I've also realized that this is the first time since I graduated college {16 years ago!} that I haven't had at least some loosely planned upcoming travel to look forward to. A baby and a fairly strict budget don't exactly lend themselves to travel plans, making me feel even more claustrophobic about Idaho living.

I was convicted at church this weekend (we think we've found our Moscow church home - thank goodness!) about how I haven't emotionally wanted to "give-up" our non-traditional/travel lifestyle and how perhaps I need to release that, knowing that life lived fully with Jesus is going to be better than any adventure I could ever imagine :)

Yesterday morning, I glanced out the window and was shocked to see a moose standing down below our deck! She let me and Luke gape at her a while and then went on her way. It was great. Unfortunately, my camera doesn't take the best pictures in such low light, but you get the idea - it was exciting!!
In the evening as we were coming back from a short hike, she stampeded out of some brush in front of us with TWIN calves!  I know ... and I'm complaining that my life isn't exciting! God is showing me that He has plenty to offer here in Idaho!

Monday morning, this bi-plane flew past our place again and again as it dusted the nearby fields (with I'm not sure what?) which Luke loved.

Just two days before that we had the best visitor of ALL!  Allison was one of Jason's co-workers in Guatemala and is just an absolutely amazing gal, drove over from Tacoma. I cannot express just how good it was to see a fellow Guatemala-kindred spirit. Seeing her was exactly what I needed.

She and her roommate spent the night before heading on to a concert in Spokane, so we had time for a good catch-up, a little hike and quick tour of Moscow. Allison remembered that Luke likes owls and brought him such a cute one! And her roomie brought her nice camera and took some sweet photos of him. So nice!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Winter begins ...

This week has been c-o-l-d. Waking up to 41° outside, 62° inside and a daily outdoor HIGH of 55° = not my favorite. And, this is only the beginning ... ugh. It is going to be a long winter and for some reason I'm having trouble getting excited about it. I feel like I didn't mind it so much when we lived in Vermont, but maybe I did and I've just blocked it from my memory.

Lucky for Luke, he was given some fabulous winter hand-me-downs from his second cousins and should be able to stay cozy over the next six months ... and, unlike me, doesn't seem bothered by the cold :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Winchester Lake State Park

We recently got to visit our 3rd Idaho state park - Winchester Lake and now have 27 left to visit. This park is a little over an hour away and although small, was a fun day excursion for us.

Jason was happy to know that they have camping year-round here ... meaning he can come do some snow camping (without me!!) when he gets the itch.
There was a really nice path going all the way around the small lake and literally had no one else on it.

I was excited to see one of these thistles still in bloom and Luke was thrilled by all the geese living on the lake ... we were less thrilled since it meant the water and shoreline were filled with their waste - ick!
Our favorite part of the day was listening to these two old-timers fish and chat about their catches. It was priceless and something I would have loved to have on video.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

September Visitors

We've had a visit from this beautiful Black Bear twice this month! Viewing him from the safe height of our deck make his twilight visits even better :)

Jason's parents, sister and nieces headed down from Spokane for a Labor Day BBQ and exploration of the nearby Virgil Phillips Farm. Somehow I missed taking any pictures, but Marilyn passed these on to us ...

Jarvis couldn't resist the apple tree full of ripe apples - he picked enough for me to make a nice batch of delicious applesauce!

Luke loves hanging out with his cousins and aunt.

And this week we had a wonderful, surprise visit from my parents -- they'd been on a road trip to South Dakota and decided to pop by. That was the joke anyhow ... Moscow is really not on the way to anywhere and definitely not a place anyone will just pop in. So they actually took a rather long, out-of-the-way drive to see us which was really cool.

We did a very quick tour of the area and Luke got to show off all that he's learned in the past three months to his grandparents :)

Hangin' out with Papa --

And Nana (Luke is really into people's necks right now)

Leaving this morning -- always so hard to say goodbye when we don't have a next time planned yet.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Enjoying our new digs!

We are slowly getting settled into our new place and LOVI,NG that we no longer share walls, ceilings or floors with anyone. Our nearest neighbor is over 50 yards away and that's the only one for quite a space. We are also super happy for Luke to have his own room for the first time ever!

Our landlords are snowbirds and have headed south for the winter, so we shouldn't have to move again until next May -- yahoo! (I think this was our EIGHTH move in just over 12 months, so nine months in the same place sounds a-mazing!)

From the road, our place doesn't look too exciting, just a three-car garage (which is exactly what it is, with a little extra!)

But, if one happened to be approaching it coming up through the woods, it looks like this!

Inside, we have an over-sized laundry room - a great place for Luke to play during inclement weather this winter.

Up a steep set of stairs is our cozy cabin -- complete with everything a person could need to live here (and a lot more!).

Every evening we continue to enjoy the outstanding sunsets from our deck. With Jason commenting "I think this is the best one yet" -- everytime! They are fabulous and we are trying to drink them in (and the nice, long days we are still having -- we know they will be getting short all too quickly). Our camera has been blowing out the sunset pictures which is frustrating - no matter how I fiddle with it, the colors just don't come out right :(

The view is still amazing anytime! And, we are completely stoked to have a BBQ grill for the first time! We're already using it a ton and loving it!

Perhaps my favorite room of the place is the bathroom. I know this is weird, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the fact we had no towel racks/hooks or basically anywhere to put things in our bathroom in Guatemala (the only cupboard available was constantly filling with termite waste and water - ick). And, for the two years before that we had a very rudimentary bathroom in our Vermont barn. This one makes me feel like I'm in a hotel...perhaps it's because our landlady folded the towels so neatly? Whatever it is, it's lovely to be in a bathroom that has all the facilities and also feels clean.

Our room was decked completely out in pink flower decor - really pretty, but poor Jason. I de-pinked it a bit and while it doesn't look quite as 'together' I think it's for the best. There's a skylight above the bed that makes me think of the Swiss Family Robinson house ... after over a month on our air mattress and nearly a year on a full-size mattress, this bed feels heavenly!

Luke's room also sports a queen-size bed, and his pack-n-play -- someday we're hoping to get him a real crib/bed. The right one just hasn't popped up on craigslist yet. In the meantime, he doesn't seem to mind the only bed he's ever known -- our landlord thoughtfully found a changing table for us to use which was really sweet and unexpected.

We've thoroughly been enjoying the 25 acres of outdoor space here. Plus, this property borders the 160 acre Virgil Phillips Farm which was donated to the city as a park/recreation area. So we have that to explore too.

The only downers are that we are a one-car family and 5 miles from town (with nothing in between) which can be pretty isolating for me, especially on Jason's longer school days. Luckily, since we live right off the highway (which is the other downer because of the constant highway noise as big rigs try to get their loads to the top of the hill that we live on) and one of Jason's co-workers is able to stop and pick him up several days a week which means I can get out on those days and keep from getting too stir crazy :)