Monday, August 22, 2016

First day {of the last year} of school

We dearly hope this will be Jason's last year of school :)
Here he is as he tried to leave for class this morning ... in front of our house which is in an interesting state of repair/dis-repair.
He'd spent of 3 hours scraping peeling paint from the eaves this morning before he left (after spending nearly 10 hours doing the same thing over the weekend). What a fun way to start the school year!
Ahh ... the last month has been very, very full of mostly good things (birthdays, travel & visitors), but we are really worn out and surprisingly glad to have the school year beginning. Although I know it will wane, there is a certain level of excitement that comes with feeling close to the finish line.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Spokane Stay-cationing

Since the very first time Jason took me to Spokane, he's been a great area tour guide ... taking me to many wonderful parks, hikes, cafes/restaurants and other places of interest. We recently realized that in the past two years of living so close to Spokane we've rarely taken advantage of the fun stuff to do there and vowed we needed to have a tourist day there with Luke. So we did.

Our first stop -- Frank's Diner, a beautiful train car turned restaurant that serves an awesome breakfast.  Luke was especially thrilled with the scoop of butter that came on his pancakes (which he ate in one bite! Yummy!)

Next stop was my favorite Rockwood Bakery on the South Hill for a fancy coffee ... would have loved to had a date there without kids, but ... I got to stand in line for 5 minutes on my own and just soak in the ambiance. Almost as good ;-)

Next South Hill stop, the beautiful Manito Park (Man - eh - toe ... I always want to pronounce it with a Spanish pronunciation which isn't right). A place for Luke to run and us to enjoy some of God's spectacular creation.

Next, armed with some take-out from Chicken-N-More, we met up with Jason's family at Riverfront Park where you can slide down a giant radio flyer wagon, "feed" trash to an iron goat and ride a 100 year old carousel.

The whole Schlaf-clan together :

Luke getting some much enjoyed cousin/auntie/uncle time in --

Lastly, although we had melting down kids in the car, Jason was kind enough to let me hop out at Trader Joe's and stock up on "necessities." All-in-all, a really perfect (& exhausting) day.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hanging out with cousins

We had a GREAT visit with my sister's family last week. We are incredibly grateful that they made the 20 hour drive from California (withOUT air conditioning in their car) to see us. Love making memories with these guys!

Exploring our arboretum ...

Heading to Plummer Point at Lake Couer d'Alene ...

Enjoying the Saturday Farmer's Market ...

Hanging out at home ...

At our local aquatics center :) Luke LOVED wearing his cousin's goggles!

Mandatory photo with everyone for 4th of July

There wasn't much going on in Moscow for the holiday which was disappointing, but a friend recommended visiting a parade in the nearby farming community of Johnson, WA.

It was a dusty drive getting there, but a fun morning with an almost surreal quality ...

Afterwards it was time to hike Kamiak Butte --

One more family photo

And then it was already time to say goodbye :(

Mabel @ 10 months

I was in my pj's way too late this morning, but I managed to get pictures of Mabel on her actual 10 month birthday. Quite an accomplishment for me.

As for Mabel ... her growth has virtually come to a stop at the moment. She is definitely taking after Jason's side of the family - only in the 8th percentile for height at her last appointment. She is tiny and still wearing some of her 3-6 month size clothes. It's actually been a lot of fun to have a smaller baby and we continue to be glad that she is developing more slowly than Luke (who was walking at 10 months!). She still doesn't do a full crawl, but moves very quickly on her belly everywhere and LOVES standing up. A single tooth made an appearance on Monday. She loves to "wave" by stretching her hand out straight to you.

And a couple from Father's Day weekend that I never got posted ...

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Missing these smiling faces

After having these guys in our home for over five days, things are feeling pretty lonely without their cheery energy. We had a really great visit though (more pictures coming) and are thankful for the time we got to have together. Hopefully, it won't take two more years for us to all see each other again!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Waiting for the Esparzas

Right now, we are all waiting for the arrival of my sister and her family in the next 5-10 minutes. Luke has been asking me for the last three hours... literally every two minutes ... "are they here yet?" He's pretty excited. It's been two years almost to the day since he last saw his boy cousins. Here they were last time ...

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Enjoying some HEAT {finally} @ Priest Lake

Earlier this month we had a very impromptu camping trip to Priest Lake. We'd intended to go later in the month, but Jason's work schedule got changed unexpectedly and we weren't going to be able to go as planned. Booo :( But after finding that the weather was going to be good, we were able to reserve one of the few remaining campsites and headed on up. It was a wonderfully WARM weekend with the added bonus of getting to go to one of Luke's friends birthday party and spend time with our awesome Priest Lake community from last summer.

{Since then the weather has been nasty enough that I've had to put our flannel sheets and down comforter back onto our bed - and this is supposed to be summer. Idaho-Grrr!}

Daddy's helper :)

Luke immediately wants to get into his mummy bag even though it was 90 degrees outside.

The beach is a short walk from our campsite.

 Ahhh ... family campground time. So thankful to one of our Priest Lake friends who loaned us the walker/saucer for Mabel to use.

5 am in our tent ...

Love the lake in the morning!

 Awesome boat ride compliments of the Hayes Family!! Mabel was not a fan and cried nearly the whole time until she fell asleep (she DID have a hat on, but it blew off right as we took her picture).

A trip to Priest Lake wouldn't be complete without the trek up to the Lionhead State Park beach with its ultra soft white sand beach and sparkling clear water. We had the beach completely to ourselves & even I couldn't resist getting into the chilly waters for a swim. It was wonderful!!

We are missing this special summer home very much.