Monday, May 23, 2016

Reclaiming a life

This is Jason's 10th day of officially being out of school for the summer and it has been great! Of course, he did start his internship last Monday {leaving our house at a very early 5:15 am}. But, it has been SO SO awesome to have two weekends together as a family without any other school/work/travel/visiting commitments -- the first we've had in literally months. I've been reminded how much I enjoy who Jason is and what fun it is to hang out together. Hoping the summer will continue in much the same fashion (only warmer!!!!)

We've been up to Plummer Point on Lake Coeur d'Alene ---

Hiking at Idlers Rest -- Luke is turning into a great hiker!

And even jogging a few times all together --

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Solo road trip (with 2 kiddos)

My first solo road trip with the kids actually went much better than expected. I kept catching myself feeling anxious beforehand and finally just tried to address why I was feeling anxious and to play out what my worst-case scenario looked like ... both kids scream the whole 3+ hours and poop all over themselves and their car seats ... then asked myself if I could deal with that? Decided I could and away we went. So so thankful to the Hayes Family for making this getaway possible!!

We got to stay with one of Luke's most favorite friends, Connor --

We even managed to be there on the right day to participate at the library story/craft time which we'd gone to every week last summer.

And, of course .... plenty of time playing at the lake!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

On our way here!

I'm on my first solo road trip with both kids today -- to Priest Lake!! Thanks to an invite from our lovely friends from last summer who live/work there - thank you Hayes family! Woo-hoo! The weather is supposed to be in the upper-70's and I am THRILLED! 

With Jason making his final push to get projects & presentations done before finals next week, our being gone for a couple days couldn't have come at a better time. Fingers crossed the kids will be good little travelers :) 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Missing my adventure partner

I came to the realization last month (while Jason was gone on yet another weekend school field trip, the 3rd one in a row) that for much of our marriage, we have been involved in somewhat life-changing, shared experiences. Then we moved to Idaho.

It feels like those things that we most loved sharing with each other came to a very sudden and screeching halt. Spending the summer at Priest Lake last summer was really amazing, but during the school year it mostly feels like we are living separate lives. Our "shared experience" now amounts to a hurried and chaotic dinner together with our children where its virtually impossible to carry on any real conversation. Knowing we still have another year of this is a bit daunting...I find myself wondering if we'll know each other when this is over and/or how people go about getting to know each other again?

I don't want to be a person who is constantly looking toward what is next to be the "fix" for our lives or forgetting to SEE all the good things I have right in front of me. I am really thankful that next Friday marks the last day of Jason's semester - hurrah for summer (and hurrah for not having to move anywhere this summer!) My summer goal? Figure out a new/different way for us to have some shared experiences next school year in the midst of our lack of time together. Not sure what that is going to look like exactly?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sweet Mabel @ 7 months

Our sweet girl passed her seven month mark two weeks ago. She continues to be such a joy for us with her chubby, toothless smiles and shrieks of delight.

Thankfully, Mabel is quite a bit behind Luke's development at this age ... she's not sitting up on her own, she's not crawling and she doesn't have any teeth yet. We don't mind at all!

She IS rolling and scooting all over the place, scrunching her nose in the cutest way and "saying" ba-ba all the time. We think she's trying to say brother :)

Monday, April 25, 2016

Smelling like Spring

The past few weeks we've had some warmer weather which has brought SO SO many flowers into bloom that I have been lovin' life! Being outside when it isn't freezing/snowing/sleeting is such a pleasure!

Last week the lilacs started to open their blooms up and now every time I step outside the air smells gloriously of them. Even though they don't last long inside, I haven't been able to help myself and have been bringing them inside anyway.  One thing the long, yucky winter is good for -- creating amazing lilacs and awesome tulips (and a host of other flowers)!

We've had a variety of things growing and surprising us with their beauty in our yard, making us realize that someone did love this place before even if it seems no one had loved it lately.

We are really thankful to Jason's Dad for providing us with a whole box of some of his own tulip bulbs in the Fall. We have such a variety of colors blooming, it's really lovely.

Our sweet landlady from our first Idaho home thoughtfully purchased and planted Princess Irene bulbs (created during WWII for the Dutch princess) along the front of our house.

The path through our yard has been covered by apple blossoms looking like huge snowflakes.

I've been bringing tulips into the house by the arm load and we still have a yard full of them -- heavenly!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Feeling exhausted --

I know that pretty much everyone feels tired, but I have to admit having two kids + a husband in school has really kicked up my level of tired. As Jason enters his busiest month of the semester (and is realizing that taking 21 units might have been a bad idea) we are both wondering how we're going to make it through the next couple weeks?

We've had fabulous weather lately -- temperatures up into the 70's! Woo-hoo and SUNSHINE which certainly helps give me more energy and a much better attitude. Plus Mabel does occasionally sleep through the night which is amazing (unfortunately, Luke somehow chooses those nights to wake up with terrors or toileting needs, etc)

Needless to say on top of normal life stuff, we've had other {good} things adding to life & our level of exhaustion
-- electricians spending over a week re-wiring our entire house (during which we really couldn't be in the house and were really, really thankful to have a car especially since we were still having days of rain/snow/sleet/hail)
-- Easter in Spokane with Jason's family
-- Spring finally arriving which means spending time in our yard actually feels like fun instead of torture ... but it's also making us realize just HOW MUCH work we need to do to our house, and
-- Luke turned three.