Thursday, February 12, 2015

The prettiest thing I've seen in a while

I stumbled across this moss covered log the other day and couldn't believe how incredibly vibrant it looked in contrast with our dreary landscape. It feels weird to think that the prettiest thing around is moss, but that's the truth :) The pickings are pretty slim this time of year.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Surviving dreary Idaho

The view from our window today (and on many other days) looks like this. While I might not mind so much if it was foggy and warm, we had a high of 34 today and now down below freezing again. Not my favorite.

A few people have checked in on me since I've had a serious blog lull the past few weeks (thank you!!!). We are all fine ... it's just that although I pretty much only blog about trivial stuff, there really has been nothing blog worthy going on here. Pathetic. Winter hasn't been a "real" winter ... we've had a few weeks with very chilly temps and a few snow flurries, but otherwise have been left with this cold, damp, dreariness. And, I find myself uninspired ... go figure.

That being said, we DID have a fun getaway over MLK weekend.  We headed up to Sandpoint, ID about 2.5 hours north of us for a snow weekend in a camping cabin (complete with no running water and an outhouse!).

Luke LOVED all the snow and would have been content to just sit in it and eat it all weekend.

We got to go snow shoeing for the first time in nearly two years! The last time we went I was about 41 weeks pregnant and looked like this - oh my! Now thankfully, Luke is in a backpack and Jason is carrying him :)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas tree removal ... Idaho style!

We took down our tree yesterday morning, realizing we had a much simpler way to get it out of the house than down our steep, narrow stairway ... directly out to the deck for a toss!

And that was that! :) Much easier and much more entertaining especially with Jason in his bare feet!

Here are a few photos from our Christmas & New Years --

A dusting of snow for Christmas Eve

On a quick hike with Jason's parent's --

We ate lots of treats (of course!) -- I've been using this cinnamon roll recipe for the past year, but never made it with all the recommended fun fillings (pistachios, dark chocolate & orange zest) until last week and man, they were great!

At a new Moscow hiking spot, Idler's Rest. You can't tell by looking, but it was 15 degrees outside! Brrr!

And yesterday, while out on a quick hike from our house (what else is there to do with a toddler, outside in the below freezing temps?? any other ideas?) Jason noticed this gal peering out of the brush at us!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

What Jason does for "fun"

Jason went camping this weekend with a guy friend to celebrate finishing his first semester at school. He texted me this picture this morning ... at the top of Mica Peak ...  in the snow ... where they had hiked into and camped last night. Not my kind of fun. But exactly what he'd been hoping for :)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday morning hiking

This morning dawned clear and cold after a week of gray and drizzly days. So we decided to bundle up and go on a quick hike from our house before heading out for church. It's amazing how great the sun can be after not seeing it for a while. The fields were frosted white with ice after an overnight freeze and so sparkly as the sun came up.

Last weekend was the adventure of getting our tree which we cut right off the property we're living on. Love being able to just walk outside and pick out our tree ... and the price was right :)

Of course, I somehow always manage to pick out the tree that is the most difficult. We'd looked at some smaller trees, but I'd noticed that the top of a larger tree was really nice (it already had cute pine cones decorating it) and since it was slated for being cut soon anyways due to it's location under some power lines, we went for it. The only problem was when we realized half-way through getting it down that it was actually leaning toward the lines and would likely fall on them instead of away :( We weren't sure what the power company does when you've caused your own power to go out??!! We were fortunate not to find out as we got it to fall the other direction.  And, Luke was thrilled that we brought a tree inside!