Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sweet Mabel @ 7 months

Our sweet girl passed her seven month mark two weeks ago. She continues to be such a joy for us with her chubby, toothless smiles and shrieks of delight.

Thankfully, Mabel is quite a bit behind Luke's development at this age ... she's not sitting up on her own, she's not crawling and she doesn't have any teeth yet. We don't mind at all!

She IS rolling and scooting all over the place, scrunching her nose in the cutest way and "saying" ba-ba all the time. We think she's trying to say brother :)

Monday, April 25, 2016

Smelling like Spring

The past few weeks we've had some warmer weather which has brought SO SO many flowers into bloom that I have been lovin' life! Being outside when it isn't freezing/snowing/sleeting is such a pleasure!

Last week the lilacs started to open their blooms up and now every time I step outside the air smells gloriously of them. Even though they don't last long inside, I haven't been able to help myself and have been bringing them inside anyway.  One thing the long, yucky winter is good for -- creating amazing lilacs and awesome tulips (and a host of other flowers)!

We've had a variety of things growing and surprising us with their beauty in our yard, making us realize that someone did love this place before even if it seems no one had loved it lately.

We are really thankful to Jason's Dad for providing us with a whole box of some of his own tulip bulbs in the Fall. We have such a variety of colors blooming, it's really lovely.

Our sweet landlady from our first Idaho home thoughtfully purchased and planted Princess Irene bulbs (created during WWII for the Dutch princess) along the front of our house.

The path through our yard has been covered by apple blossoms looking like huge snowflakes.

I've been bringing tulips into the house by the arm load and we still have a yard full of them -- heavenly!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Feeling exhausted --

I know that pretty much everyone feels tired, but I have to admit having two kids + a husband in school has really kicked up my level of tired. As Jason enters his busiest month of the semester (and is realizing that taking 21 units might have been a bad idea) we are both wondering how we're going to make it through the next couple weeks?

We've had fabulous weather lately -- temperatures up into the 70's! Woo-hoo and SUNSHINE which certainly helps give me more energy and a much better attitude. Plus Mabel does occasionally sleep through the night which is amazing (unfortunately, Luke somehow chooses those nights to wake up with terrors or toileting needs, etc)

Needless to say on top of normal life stuff, we've had other {good} things adding to life & our level of exhaustion
-- electricians spending over a week re-wiring our entire house (during which we really couldn't be in the house and were really, really thankful to have a car especially since we were still having days of rain/snow/sleet/hail)
-- Easter in Spokane with Jason's family
-- Spring finally arriving which means spending time in our yard actually feels like fun instead of torture ... but it's also making us realize just HOW MUCH work we need to do to our house, and
-- Luke turned three.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Mabel goes to California

Last week for Mabel's 6 month birthday she got to go on her first airplane ride and travel all the way to California (securely attached to me!).  Jason had kindly offered to watch Luke for part of his school spring break so that I could have a getaway to California, introducing Mabel to the rest of my family and meeting my newest niece. Mabel was a great traveler and the trip now seems like such a speedy blur, but we had a great time. California was so alive and green and blooming and WARM (by comparison to Idaho). Having not been home for nearly two years and not for Spring in ten years, it really was fabulous.

My sister, Bonnie met us at the airport on San Jose and we quickly made our way to Santa Cruz for a walk along the ocean. Do I look happy or what?

Waking up the next morning to my parents lovely front yard ... and my Dad entertaining Mabel with his glasses :)

Cousins, Emma & Mabel together :)

Beach time in Cambria --

Family nearly all together for the first time in almost four years -- only Jason and Luke were missing :(

One last afternoon at the beach in Morro Bay with my parents and Bonnie's family -- not exactly a super warm day there, but not knowing when I'll be at the coast again I wanted to soak it UP!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Our next {summertime} adventure!

This summer Jason & I will be doing something we have never done before in our nearly 9 years of marriage ...

... we will be staying PUT for the summer  ... in Moscow, Idaho.  This is the first time we will ever have stayed this long in one place without at least a summer full of travel in between.

Sorta weird and boring and a bit anticlimactic. Agreed. But a welcome change for us in light of the anticipated challenges of moving twice again this summer with two children in tow.

I do find myself wondering if we'll be going a bit stir-crazy come June with all this stability ;-)

Jason's been blessed to find an internship about 45 minutes from where we live, so we'll get to enjoy our little home and Moscow in a warmer season (and without the 10,000+ college students running around). We're working on planning a few small adventures for the summer so things don't feel too boring, but all in all, are of course incredibly thankful that God has provided Jason with an internship which will give him the variety of experience he needs and that we'll get to make some summertime memories in our home/community, skipping out on the crazy stress of a move. (We'll save that for May 2017 when Jason hopefully finishes his program!!!)  

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Living room -- updated

We've very slowly been getting our living room together. Since we moved in we've been on the hunt for a used couch that hadn't been exposed to pets or smoking. Not an easy task! Last month we finally found one that was in our price range!! Hurrah! With the addition of a real couch, our living room has suddenly started looking like maybe grown-ups could live here.

Here's what the living room looked like before we bought the house --

When we moved in things were better -- the room looks pretty nice but what you don't notice is the window trim (see all that black?), the 3 curtain rods tacked in a row right onto the trim, the food (?) stains on the ceiling, the missing outlet & light switch covers or the 20-30 hardware holes in the walls that needed patching & painting.

After living in the space for over seven months, it's finally starting to feel like a home.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Thrive or survive?

Last Spring as we started gearing up for these years of Jason being in school and working, I found myself with the desire to not just survive this time, but to THRIVE through it.  This has been much easier said than done. In certain moments of clarity, I remember that this very well may be an easy time in life and that it's possible I may look back, wishing I had appreciated it more.

Then the daily grind of life sucks all thoughts of thriving right out of me ... how do you thrive through times that in the moment feel like you'll be lucky just to survive?

A thoughtful friend sent me this at the beginning of the winter season. Just seeing it sitting in the bathroom has made me feel better on many days -- knowing someone (in California) is thinking of me :)

Another bright spot has been this little cutie ...

Funny how a person can add stress while at the same time as being a tremendous stress-relief. Mabel turned five months earlier this month. I was laid out, flat sick the week of her birthday so the photo is a bit belated ... to be honest, if a friend  hadn't given me these stickers for her I probably wouldn't be doing any monthly pictures :)