Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some of our own fun & a very l-o-n-g drive

As always seems to be the case, our time with our families was packed and we didn't even come close to doing many of the activities we hoped to do.  BUT, we had an awesome time.  In the midst of all the reconnecting we did have a couple mini-adventures together and then one very long road trip across the US.

While staying with my sister and three nephews in July, we had a mid-week escape to Lake Tahoe.  A place Jason had never been to.  It was surprisingly a bit hazy the day we were there, but still completely gorgeous!


For my birthday, we headed up California's coastal Hwy 1 -- stopping at every pretty viewpoint along the way with an overnight in Carmel. What an amazing beach Carmel has!!  I don't think I'd ever been there before and I could see why it is such a popular destination.

Our drive to Vermont was a week long adventure -- enjoying some glorious scenery, seeing friends & family along the way, feeling very nervous, wondering if the car would make it the whole way without too many problems and then as reports of the hurricane damage in Vermont rolled in, wondering what might be in store for us when we arrived.

Our first two days of the drive were by far the most beautiful -- we opted to take a slightly longer route (what difference do a few hours make when you're spending over 50 on the road?).  We got to drive through Yellowstone & the Grand Tetons.  SO beautiful!  The rest of the drive although not as grandly beautiful certainly had many pretty spots with a beauty all their own ...


The most amazing sunset of the trip was the evening we drove into Denver.

In Omaha, I got to reconnect with a cousin that I haven't seen too much since I was a child.  We had a ton of fun exploring the adorable downtown area and spending an afternoon at a nearby lake.

We saw the most expensive gas prices in Chicago, caught a glimpse of the Sears Tower from the road and enjoyed watching kids play in busted fire hydrants.

We stopped in Buffalo too, but I realize I must have been all pictured out - I didn't take a single photo.  We had another unique opportunity to visit with the childhood best friend of Jason's dad and see one of my college friends that I haven't seen for years.  It was a special time and a great last day of our road trip.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Here comes Fall!!!!!

The colors are starting to change here and oh my is it beautiful!  Driving down our road today took my breath away at the vibrant colors that are starting to show! 


Hazell Family Summer Fun

We had a great time visiting with my family this summer too.  Although as always the time felt way, way too short!
We started by meeting my parents in Klammath Falls, Oregon and exploring the area before heading south.

We celebrated my Mom's birthday in Grants Pass, Oregon with aunts, uncles, cousins and kids! My Mom and Chad had birthday watermelons!  So fun!

My parents dropped us in the Sacramento area for a few days with my sister Bonnie and her family.  I hadn't been to Sacramento in many, many years and it was fun to explore the area with my three nephews. 


With my younger sister, Jeannie and my nephew Talon.

We got to go fishing with my brother and his wife, Ashley at Avila Beach -- we didn't even get one bite though! 

Ashley and Jason's birthday falls on the same date -- double celebration!  Amazing Thai food, a delicious, homemade boston cream pie and a cliff walk at Montana de Oro. 


The one thing that we didn't get to do this summer was visit with our friends in southern California ... I was really, really sad about that. The timing just didn't work out and for all of you that we'd so hoped to see, I'm sorry we couldn't make it work.  :(