Thursday, September 27, 2007

Maybe a permanent position

After nearly 6 weeks at the bank, filling in for admins who are on vacation and working on a different desk, different floor and sometimes a different building each week, I seem to now have a position which might turn into a permanent placement here. Unfortunately, the primary banker I will be supporting is known for being a tyrrant, so that is not encouraging, but I would really like to become permenant at the bank if possible. In any event, I'm working on the 47th floor - this is the view that I see when I get off the elevator in the morning and the view from my bosses office. Can't complain about this!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jamaica Bay Preserve

Jason & I decided to see how far we could go on our subway cards...we ended up at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Preserve (really a bird preserve). It was fun to explore. We were completely fascinated by the Horseshoe Crab shells that were literally lining the shores of the bay. I had never seen such a thing...we really wanted to see one that was alive, but seems only their shells were left for us to play with. It was a good, easy and free way to get away from the city for the afternoon, which we are always up for!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hiking Breakneck Ridge

While the title of this hiking area doesn't exactly encourage those who are not sure-footed, we needed to escape the city for a day, so escape we did. We grabbed a Metro-North train up to Cold Springs and hiked to our hearts content. This area doesn't have too many hills, so there wasn't a ton of elevation climb, but there were some nice viewpoints and we were away! The only bad part...after hiking 7 miles, we couldn't locate the other train "station" (a ten-foot wooden platform) in time to catch the train back to Cold Springs and we ended up walking the 2 miles back along the tracks, then having dinner at the Cold Springs French restauarant. We saved the other dinners from our hiking stench and opted to eat on the patio :)