Friday, May 25, 2012

THE Vermont Tour

Well, the parentals have been gone a little over a week now and in the meantime we've had our anniversary, plus other house guests with more coming in tomorrow.  We move out of our barn on Thursday to allow the summer caretakers to move in and get the property/cabins ready for rental season.  Forest Echo is generously letting us live temporarily in this Forest Echo cabin for a week while Jason finishes his school job.  Then ... on the road.

Here is a photo journey of my parent's Vermont tour:

Lots of getting treats ....

 ... and eating them on park benches ....

Ben & Jerry's --- Of course!

 And ... where Vermont gets the base for some of their delicious products!

Some other local products!

So many beautiful places and flowers

 Fields and fields of dandelions! And lilac plants the size of houses!

Fishing and hiking ....

Saying goodbye ...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Anniversary wish ... granted!

Our five year anniversary was this past Saturday and we thought we could swing a night away.  My one wish for a night away was to have electricity.  After doing without for nearly nine months, I thought that was a reasonable splurge (and probably a very doable one).

Funny though how my mind works ...  as the day approached I started tacking more things onto my wishlist -- 'gee since we both sleep poorly, maybe trying out a king size bed would be nice' and 'man, I'd sure love to be able to take a bath'.  As I looked for those things within our budget, I got pretty discouraged.  It seemed impossible and made me just not want to do anything (great attitude, right?).

Luckily, I checked myself -- remembering how completely blessed I am just to have Jason in my life.  With that, I remembered I really didn't need ANY of the things on my wishlist.  My new wish was just to be able to hang out with my amazing husband.  That was very doable and completely within our budget :)

With that we headed out to Lake George in New York on Saturday morning and enjoyed a gorgeous drive -- can I even describe to you how green it is here right now???!!?

When we arrived there, the lake was really pretty, but the village of Lake George was terrible. Seriously. It felt like we were at a carnival or a fair or something.  Fun in their own right, but not what we'd had in mind.  We just laughed, it was that bad. They were even having amateur speed boat races -- think NASCAR on water.  Not romantic.  So, we just decided to drive north along the lake and if we didn't find something that fit us, we'd rather just come back to our creaky, non-electrified barn.

I'm happy to report that not all of Lake George is like the village and we found a perfect spot to stay - on the water, away from the noise, with electricity, a king bed and a bath -- all within our budget.  Woo-hoo!  We had a fantastic time, kayaking, hiking and exploring a new place.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Showing off Vermont

Having a blast showing off our lovely state to my parents ... tons of photos later :)
One of the many, many covered bridges that we've forced them out of the car to take a photo with.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A visit from the parentals

For many years now, we've referred to my parents as "the parentals" ... I just looked up what the definition of that word is and seems it has a more negative connotation in reference to parents. :(  To clarify, my use of the word is anything but negative!

My Mom & Dad arrive tomorrow morning after taking a red-eye flight from California.  Lucky them :)

I'm super excited that they are coming out -- for two weeks!! It's going to be fun to show them our life here and also see some of the sites we've been wanting to see, but haven't taken the time to get to yet.  Woo-hoo!