Friday, May 25, 2012

THE Vermont Tour

Well, the parentals have been gone a little over a week now and in the meantime we've had our anniversary, plus other house guests with more coming in tomorrow.  We move out of our barn on Thursday to allow the summer caretakers to move in and get the property/cabins ready for rental season.  Forest Echo is generously letting us live temporarily in this Forest Echo cabin for a week while Jason finishes his school job.  Then ... on the road.

Here is a photo journey of my parent's Vermont tour:

Lots of getting treats ....

 ... and eating them on park benches ....

Ben & Jerry's --- Of course!

 And ... where Vermont gets the base for some of their delicious products!

Some other local products!

So many beautiful places and flowers

 Fields and fields of dandelions! And lilac plants the size of houses!

Fishing and hiking ....

Saying goodbye ...

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