Friday, February 24, 2012

Water --> No Water

We have no water ... well, that's not completely true.

The water that comes from a natural spring on our property has gotten blocked somehow on it's journey from the spring to a large holding tank. This section of pipe is buried 5 feet under the frozen ground and stretches 1/4 mile from our barn-home. Not good. We noticed the problem yesterday. We've been conserving of what's left in the tank in our barn which is about 75 gallons while trying various "fixes" for the problem.  All to no avail. 

Hmmm.  This could get real interesting real quick.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh moon so bright!

I'm sure none of you missed the glorious full moon last week -- we loved it and took the opportunity to go on an evening hike.  Once the sun had finished setting and it was dark, it seemed as if a spotlight was shining down through the forest -- making shadows everywhere and turning the snow into thousands of diamonds!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Three + months later...

... and I finally have new teeth!  I got a snazzy new bridge put in on Thursday and no longer scare people (too much) with my smile :) 

What I have learned? Dental care is expensive!  I waited until we'd worked a couple weeks before calling places to get estimates ... when I did start calling. I was VERY discouraged to find that a new bridge is over $3,000.  Not good when you're working for minimum wage and don't have dental coverage.  It did make me do a lot of thinking - about life and choices and consequencs of those choices.  We all do it -- make choices (some good, some bad) and even though we know choices have consequences, sometime those consequences can still catch us by surprise. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ice ... on everything

We had a mini ice storm a few days ago and we've been amazed at how beautiful (and also how slippery and how destructive) the ice is.  It has made every tree sparkle in the sunlight with the rainbows of a thousand prisms.  Completely breathtaking - and something my camera cannot do justice to.

Loving these!

Mine don't look quite as pretty as Joy's, but I'm pretty sure they taste just as good!  Joy's is the only food blog I check out regularly and can I tell you - it is well worth it!  She is the first person who I've heard make reference to "breakfast dessert" and these most definitely fit that category.  Absolutely delish (and easy to boot)!