Monday, May 29, 2017

Last home-cooked meal

As our move-out day rapidly approaches, we're cutting down on normal life things in order to really focus on what HAS to get done. So, yesterday we had our last homemade meal ... my favorite, a tasty brunch on our front porch. Now ... on to pre-made food from the freezer section :)

The weather has been much improved the past few days and this little gal has been spendin' a lot of time in the kiddie pool. So cute!

And, a teaser photo from our vacation to the Olympic Peninsula, celebrating Jason's graduation and our 10-year anniversary. More on that awesome week after we get moved!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Third time's the charm (we hope!)

Jason completed his last final exam today and officially finished his third college degree. So so proud of him for taking on the challenge of a career change at this point in his life and in our lives. The last three years have not been easy, but it's so awesome to know he now has the potential to work in a career that he actually likes :)

(Special thanks to my friends Rebecca & Sydney who let Jason borrow their graduation gear from previous years so we could take some photos since he decided not to walk at this graduation)

Friday, May 5, 2017

Trying to find our kitchen

For the past two weeks our house has been in a serious state of chaos as we've been frantically trying to get needed projects finished. This is what our kitchen looked like this week ... no repainting project in this house seems to be complete without a huge of amount of peeling paint to be scraped/sanded off. Grrr. Has definitely meal prep & clean up quite interesting! We think (and dearly hope!) that this is the last of our larger, multi-day house projects that needs to be completed before we move!!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Bathroom Makeover - Complete!!

We finally completed our bathroom do-over -- it's been in-process since October, oh my!!

We had to have one final {flooring} fiasco of course, but it's done. The new flooring is in and we learned how to pull & re-install a toilet -- a skill to last a lifetime :)

In case you can't tell which is before & after, I labelled them ;-)

Here's a couple of the step-by-step on the flooring project - for earlier in-process photos try here and here ...

What we got when we moved in ... stick on vinyl tiles with black goo constantly seeping up in between them. Ick.

Toilet pulled and Dad always has helpers right at hand :)

Floor looks SO SO much better taken down to the sub floor and also with the initial layer of coating. Why didn't we get rid of those stick on squares earlier???

We had a professional lay the new flooring - hurray! We really wanted something {on the cheaper side} that went with the vintage of the house ... this seemed to sort of fit that. The design includes "distressed" markings. Not totally sure what we think about that, but our motto -- it is better.

I was looking back at photos from when we had a pre-purchase walk-through ... not awful, but I have to admit, I like what we've done :)