Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Bathroom Makeover - Complete!!

We finally completed our bathroom do-over -- it's been in-process since October, oh my!!

We had to have one final {flooring} fiasco of course, but it's done. The new flooring is in and we learned how to pull & re-install a toilet -- a skill to last a lifetime :)

In case you can't tell which is before & after, I labelled them ;-)

Here's a couple of the step-by-step on the flooring project - for earlier in-process photos try here and here ...

What we got when we moved in ... stick on vinyl tiles with black goo constantly seeping up in between them. Ick.

Toilet pulled and Dad always has helpers right at hand :)

Floor looks SO SO much better taken down to the sub floor and also with the initial layer of coating. Why didn't we get rid of those stick on squares earlier???

We had a professional lay the new flooring - hurray! We really wanted something {on the cheaper side} that went with the vintage of the house ... this seemed to sort of fit that. The design includes "distressed" markings. Not totally sure what we think about that, but our motto -- it is better.

I was looking back at photos from when we had a pre-purchase walk-through ... not awful, but I have to admit, I like what we've done :)

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