Friday, September 9, 2011

Forest Echo Farm

After a week on the road, we arrived here last Saturday evening -- tired and super happy to now that we had finally arrived at our new home.  This place is realy special!  Beautiful all around and the people who own it made it even better -- they are incredible!  Here are some shots of our new home.  When we drove in, the "barn" looked a little more rustic than I'd remembered it, but our quarters on the 2nd floor are really cozy and comfortable.



The third floor work room / extra bedroom

The inside washroom - sink & shower


The toilet  or "kybo"


The property farmhouse

The small lake on the property -- we've already gotten out for a canoe ride!


Lori said...

Wow! Your new home looks great. I can see a spot for your exercise bike with the generator attached on the third floor, hee.
Keep posting your lovely blogs, I really enjoy watching your adventures.
Aunt Lori

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! I'm praying for you both.