Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day Two

After breakfast at our guest house, I chased a few of the very large lizards around - I was glad that they were outside and not inside our room! I couldn't believe this one with a whole moth in its mouth!

We started our day by heading to the El Faro lighthouse which was just a 1/2 mile from our guest house, then headed to a small beach to get in some serious relaxing!

We stopped for lunch in the town of Boqueron for a late lunch and our first taste of Puerto Rican beer - Medalla light. We were completely surprised to see these cars and many others like them parked around the town.
After our lunch in Boqueron, we headed to the large public beach ... although there were quite a few people, we really enjoyed all of the trees (and bathroom facilities!)

When we arrived in San German, we came again to the realization how bad our guide book was. It listed the street that this old church was on, but did not provide even a basic map of the town...we assumed it must be a very small place with the church being right off the main drag...we were VERY surprised to see what a large city San German was when we arrived. We have no idea how we actually found the church, but we did and we were SO excited!
Our last stop of the day was a trip into a Mangrove swamp to watch glowing micro-organisms glow in the water as a young Puerto Rican boy swam around stirring it up...who could turn that down? It was actually pretty cool to take a small boat through a Mangrove labyrinth until we arrived in a very calm still area, then to see the black water turn glowing green just by being stirred up!

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