Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Few Friends

At Montana de Oro with Randy & Sarah ... do you like how we are standing in descending height order?? Pretty awesome, right?

With Gladys in Azusa ... she was my discipleship leader my senior year at Azusa Pacific - in 1998! I have been blessed to continue a friendship / mentorship with her in the 10 years since then!

A mini-PCV (peace corps volunteer) re-union in Ontario ... with William, Jeff and Jamie. We realized what complete nerds we are when we found out that we are ALL still carrying around our Peace Corps ID cards in our wallets!

With Claudia and her family in Pasadena ... my co-worker from Unum, Masters classmate and very special friend!

And, with my older sister and her two boys - we stayed with them for our week in SoCal ... she is an incredible mom and her boys are quite a handful, but A LOT of fun!

Some of my favorite photos from our beach day with the boys...

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Molly W. said...

SO fun to see a pic of Gladys after hearing about her for years! Love that Vazquez family! And you are right, Bonnie is amazing and has the cutest boys!