Monday, November 3, 2008


My parents sent us a wonderful package!! Full of a lot of food items - awesome! One was a mix for cupcakes ... although we have a 2-burner stove, we don't have a "normal" oven ... but, we tried out cooking them in our outdoor oven powered by Jason's great fire-making abilities ... and ... they turned out GREAT! We ate half of the batch that first night (yes, that's 3 each!).

In addition to all the great treats from my folks, our box included a belated birthday gift from my brother, Mark -- a new french press with matching cups! Sooooo perfect! Ours had shattered in-transit here and we'd been using a tea strainer type thing to make our coffee every morning. Now, we have delightful coffee served in fun cups!

Thanks Mom, Dad & Mark!


Kim said...

I want to get something out to you!! Things have been crazy with some health conditions (I will be okay) but I am hoping to put SOMETHING together before baby #2 gets here...

Molly W. said...

Ah, super cool! Way to go fam!!