Monday, March 2, 2009

It must be laundry day!

This is Jason on laundry day. We do laundry every two weeks. We are incredibly thankful that there is a laundry-mat here in Angaur ... I did laundry by hand in Tonga and it's really hard! But, it still requires quite a haul getting two weeks worth of clothes the 1 1/2 miles across the island to wash and back to the house. Luckily, one of our friends here loaned us this bike - it's still a bit of a miserable ride, but WAY better than poor Jason having to walk all the way carrying this huge bag of clothes!


Molly W. said...

Oh man. Nothing is easy over there huh?! Makes me think I should stop complaining about European laundry! :)

Kim said...

It's going to be so weird when you are back here and have all the comforts! Any news on where you might end up?