Friday, June 25, 2010

Loving Lychee

The parents of two of our dorm students brought us a parting gift on Thursday when they picked their kids up -- a HUGE box of ripe lychee.  (I don't know if they realized, we'd be leaving China ourselves 36 hours later)  Even though our kids have told us how good it is, I had yet to try eating lychee.  I didn't even know how to go about eating it and had to have our student show me how.  Basically, you just peel off the outer skin and pop the whole thing in your mouth and enjoy one of the juiciest, sweetest fruits I have ever tasted!  Just mind the small pit in the middle ;-)

I'm eating as many as I can before we head to the airport in three hours!


Shan in Japan said...

Yum! I had never had them before coming to Japan. Sharon loves them!
I hope you don't get sick eating too many:)
Have a great trip back to the US!

Kim said...

oh wow! great pics of it!