Friday, October 15, 2010

Faces of Tibet

Second to the stunning landscape of Tibet, my interest was completely engrossed in the people and how they lived their lives.  Unfortunately, our tour didn't exactly cover this aspect, but what I observed was a people group as beautiful as the the land they live in.  People who live simply, without ammenities and who work very hard.  It was harvest season and we saw endless fields of barley being harvested by hand as we flashed past in our bus.  Yak dung seemed to cover every surface, drying for winter use.

We saw women everywhere doing laundry by hand outside, in buckets like this or in the streams and rivers.  You can see Yak dung patties pasted on the wall to the left/behind them.  On the right is an inventive way to heat water ... using the sun!  We saw these solar tea kettles all over the place!

This small dwelling appeared to be someone's house :( 

A woman sitting outside one of the military check points, selling Yak cheese...


Molly W. said...

really, really amazing. Neat to see how others live. man alive I'm spoiled!

Anonymous said...

Carrie do you have a mullet in that picture?!