Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Living here means we don't get too many visitors, so we were really excited to have Jason's aunt & uncle from Japan come visit us for the past few days before heading on to Xi'an to see the amazing Terracotta Warriors.

Yesterday, we wandered with them through Old Shanghai -- we had a surprise snow day that made everything seem prettier.  (And, I was able to revive an old cameras for the day-yahoo) 

Can you count the legs under this rain poncho?

Old town always has some of the most interesting things to see ... Doug & Sharon even brought their grandson's 'Flat Stanley' out for a photo.

Not sure what was on the road first, the car or the vegetable market? 

Don't you always hang sausage out to dry with your laundry?

After old town, we made a quick trip to Qibao water village which was really beautiful in the snow (but very cold!).


Kim said...

I love flat stanley!!!

tom said...

love the skooter shot,tom
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