Friday, June 24, 2011

The last things ...

This week has been FULL of last things.  We leave in the morning for 9 days in Southern China and will return to Shanghai for less than a day before we leave for good.  So, we've been trying to soak everything in as much as possible.  Here are a few images of our last things in Shanghai:

Last bike ride (yay for a sunny day Wednesday -- sold our bikes on Thursday)

Last time finding a cute, Shanghai cafe on accident

Last interesting street foods -- I think this is lotus root/flower?

And, also bananas being sold along the road - I love that he has an electronic scale on his cart (most the fruit vendors do!)

Last recycling carts.

Last laundry and teeth brushing on the sidewalks

Last bird-men carrying their birds to the park to visit with other birds.
Last soccer day with teachers & students.

Last morning with our students.

Last amazing foot massage at Dragonfly and last time at our school.

And last of the last things ... I don't know that I'll  ever see a man wearing loafers , slacks and a collared shirt with a blow torch putting on the roof on next door!

Oops, I lied ... one more. The last time we may see our street at night. It looks kind of pretty this way.


Will said...

Great pictures :) I'm really surprised the guy left the blow torch on while on the roof?!

Molly W. said...

wow, that was fast! where does the time go? When I was having a hard time sleeping the other day, I was praying for you and Jason and your next adventure, can't wait to see what awaits!