Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A little bigger than a mouse

As you know, we have a mouse problem in our house (barn-house rather) ... we've been setting traps and have made quite a dent in the population. However, we've still had super loud noises coming from inside the walls/crawl space of the third floor at night.  I finally made Jason get in there and take a look.  I was a bit terrified at what it would look like based on all the gnawing sounds that have been being blasted from the area.  When he looked, he didn't really find anything unusual.  So one evening in the midst of the racket, he took a peek and came back downstairs to let me know that a SQUIRREL had joined us!

It was time to set a bigger, live trap which luckily the summer caretakers had left for us (I guess the fact that it was left for us should have been our cue that we'd end up using it).  So, back Jason went into the crawl space to leave our trap ...

When we checked this morning, we had caught something, but it didn't look like any squirrel I'd ever seen.  We were both left wondering, "what IS it?"  Seemed more like a large chipmunk without the fun stripes.
On my way into town, I took the squirel for a ride and released him several miles from our house with the hope he won't be returning.  He quickly scampered up a tree and out of sight ... then as I left he flew/glided to another tree!!  I'd never seen a flying squirrel before and it was SO fun/surprising to see!  

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Molly W. said...

ugh. no thank you...to any of it!! :)