Sunday, June 17, 2012

NJ --> PA --> MD --> VA --> W.VA = Leesburg & Harpers Ferry

After a stop in the Bronx to visit Jason's old school (the 8th graders he taught there are graduating this year!),  we headed straight for Amish country -- Lancaster County, PA.  A bit of a change in scenery. 

Also in Pennsylvania was Gettysburg.  I had not been before and had no concept of what a huge space that battle area encompassed.  I thought it would be one big field, when in fact the fighting happened all over the entire town area.  A 24-mile driving tour is set-up for those who want to see it all.

While staying at our friend's in Leesburg, VA, we got to take a day trip to Harpers Ferry -- another place made famous by John Brown's famous raid prior to the Civil War.  Today, it's a beautiful spot where you can stand in West Virginia and see both Maryland and Virginia across the way.

Another point of interest at Harpers Ferry is the headquarters/conservancy for the Appalachian Trail  something Jason was pretty excited to get to visit.

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