Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Twenty-Eight Beds Later

We are finally HOME -- back in Vermont, doing without electricity or an indoor toilet and loving it!

We moved back into our barn exactly three months from when we left it -- ahhh, it is good to be back!

The past three months consisted of the following:
-- Driving over 9500 miles
-- Sleeping in 28 different beds (only one night in a hotel!)
-- Camping for 11 nights
-- Seeing 32 USA states
-- Visiting 7 National Parks

Plus ... catching up with countless family and friends -- a HUGE thank you to everyone who hosted us overnight or for a meal or more.  You made this road trip possible for us.  Thank you for opening up your homes and your schedule to spend time with and feed these weary travelers.
We you!   

On our arrival home, these beautiful flowers greeted us (along with about 20 of the Forest Echo Farm members).  My Mom and I had worked on this bed and planted little seedlings in the Spring.  It was so fun to see what they have become.

Our bedroom and washroom windows look directly out over this dilapidated shed.  You can see that the flowers are a BIG improvement over what used to be there.  Thanks to Jason for cutting up and moving all of that wood.


Lori said...

I love the flowers! What a great welcoming committee. Sounds like you two had a wonderful trip. Rest up and enjoy your pictures and memories you made. Love you, Aunt Lori

Kim said...

Those flowers are perfect :) What a happy sight to welcome you home!!