Saturday, October 6, 2012

East Corinth

On Tuesday Jason and I took a little road trip.  He had an appointment in a part of Vermont that is referred to as "the northeast kingdom" and I had the day off work, so we decided to do a little leaf-peeping (that's seriously what it's called!) on the way back.  We were really excited to see that the village of East Corinth was not too far off the path.  It's one of THE photo-perfect fall shots of Vermont ... white church with lovely steeple surrounded by a tiny village, farms and oodles of multi-colored trees.

The drive to East Corinth was lovely - we got lost on some of the country roads and had more time than expected to soak up this incredible beauty that God has created all around us in trees as they prepare for winter.  Some of the colors just seem completely unnatural! It's really breathtaking.

Photos of East Corinth usually look something like this - nice, isn't it?
Image taken from here.
Perhaps when most the photos were taken, there was no paved main street through town or perhaps they've just been re-touched? This is what it looked like for us:
There was no way that we could see to get up a hill and get an angle to anything remotely similar to the photos we've seen or even a place to snap a nice photo of the church.  A bit disappointing.  

By far the coolest thing in East Corinth was this awesome fire station.

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