Thursday, September 25, 2014

September Visitors

We've had a visit from this beautiful Black Bear twice this month! Viewing him from the safe height of our deck make his twilight visits even better :)

Jason's parents, sister and nieces headed down from Spokane for a Labor Day BBQ and exploration of the nearby Virgil Phillips Farm. Somehow I missed taking any pictures, but Marilyn passed these on to us ...

Jarvis couldn't resist the apple tree full of ripe apples - he picked enough for me to make a nice batch of delicious applesauce!

Luke loves hanging out with his cousins and aunt.

And this week we had a wonderful, surprise visit from my parents -- they'd been on a road trip to South Dakota and decided to pop by. That was the joke anyhow ... Moscow is really not on the way to anywhere and definitely not a place anyone will just pop in. So they actually took a rather long, out-of-the-way drive to see us which was really cool.

We did a very quick tour of the area and Luke got to show off all that he's learned in the past three months to his grandparents :)

Hangin' out with Papa --

And Nana (Luke is really into people's necks right now)

Leaving this morning -- always so hard to say goodbye when we don't have a next time planned yet.

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