Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hiking Moscow Mountain

Since we moved here, we've been asking around for good hiking spots and people generally tell us how great a place is, but then can't seem to give driving directions to it. Moscow Mountain is one of those places ... everyone mentions it as a good place, but we've never been able to get decent directions on how to get there, even though it's less than 30 minutes away.

Saturday we just decided to give it a go and see what we could find.

Once we got into the right area, we realized why directions are always so hazy ... there are several different roads winding up and around the mountain and all the land is private, so there isn't a developed/mapped trail network ... just land that owners don't mind people hiking on. With that knowledge, we were happy to find a trail and go exploring. It turned out to be a beautiful day -- first day seeing the sun all week and it was amazing!

The knob in the background is Steptoe Butte - visible from Spokane too :)

Love us some dirt roads!

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