Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday morning hiking

This morning dawned clear and cold after a week of gray and drizzly days. So we decided to bundle up and go on a quick hike from our house before heading out for church. It's amazing how great the sun can be after not seeing it for a while. The fields were frosted white with ice after an overnight freeze and so sparkly as the sun came up.

Last weekend was the adventure of getting our tree which we cut right off the property we're living on. Love being able to just walk outside and pick out our tree ... and the price was right :)

Of course, I somehow always manage to pick out the tree that is the most difficult. We'd looked at some smaller trees, but I'd noticed that the top of a larger tree was really nice (it already had cute pine cones decorating it) and since it was slated for being cut soon anyways due to it's location under some power lines, we went for it. The only problem was when we realized half-way through getting it down that it was actually leaning toward the lines and would likely fall on them instead of away :( We weren't sure what the power company does when you've caused your own power to go out??!! We were fortunate not to find out as we got it to fall the other direction.  And, Luke was thrilled that we brought a tree inside!

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