Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas tree removal ... Idaho style!

We took down our tree yesterday morning, realizing we had a much simpler way to get it out of the house than down our steep, narrow stairway ... directly out to the deck for a toss!

And that was that! :) Much easier and much more entertaining especially with Jason in his bare feet!

Here are a few photos from our Christmas & New Years --

A dusting of snow for Christmas Eve

On a quick hike with Jason's parent's --

We ate lots of treats (of course!) -- I've been using this cinnamon roll recipe for the past year, but never made it with all the recommended fun fillings (pistachios, dark chocolate & orange zest) until last week and man, they were great!

At a new Moscow hiking spot, Idler's Rest. You can't tell by looking, but it was 15 degrees outside! Brrr!

And yesterday, while out on a quick hike from our house (what else is there to do with a toddler, outside in the below freezing temps?? any other ideas?) Jason noticed this gal peering out of the brush at us!

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Shan in Japan said...

Looks like a fun Christmas-and yummy cinnamon rolls!
Barefoot in the snow??? I am such a wimp! i never would have thought of doing that!
Fun tree removal tactic. I had a dead refrigerator removed in a very similar way, once. Of course, it couldn't be thrown over the balcony, but the railing was lowered and it was sort of dropped onto the back of a truck.
Much better wildlife than we have here in the city! :)
Happy New Year