Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Papa's hands

I love my Dad's hands. They are large, strong, calloused and capable of so much. During the short week that my Dad was staying with us, he accomplished so much with his hands to help us with our home.

We now have a parking spot off of the busy street that we live on, a gravel path through our backyard, pruned shrubs/trees, patched walls, working heater registers, outlet covers & light switch plates in place (yes, most of these were missing!), a window pane in our bedroom that's not held together with painters tape, curtain rods hung, working backyard gates, a bathroom mirror put up (no mirror had been left by the tenants), disconnected porch railings reattached, a new hose connected for our stove so we could create more space in the kitchen and so many more things. 

Out of all of that, one of the sweetest things to see his hands do was to hold his first granddaughter.
Thanks for everything Daddy!


Lori said...

Oh Carrie, How sweet! Enjoy this special time with your new addition to your family. Aunt Lori

jessie shepard said...

They better stick around for a while and enjoy it longer.