Friday, November 18, 2016

Putting pictures on the walls ... finally

Although we've lived in this house for over a year the only pictures/decorating that had been done until recently was this ...

... a few pictures propped up on our mantel.

The rest of our walls had been left bare. Not very homey feeling. I finally took on one of the walls and got some pictures from our past put up. Funny how such a small task can take so many months to tackle and yet has already brought me so much joy to see.

I suppose it might not have taken so long if I'd just been willing to purchase nice frames; but I didn't want to spend the money. So instead I scrounged around our garage and basement and picked up a few frames at the dollar store and (surprising myself) I actually really like how it turned out ... the old window, the basket lid and the pieces of junk (I mean ... reclaimed) wood make it feel alive to me which seems to be how a gallery wall of one's life should feel. Alive. 

(Two of these photos were not taken by me, although I was present when they were taken. Middle photo on the window frame (our barn-home in VT taken by Michael Maslowski) and top row fourth photo from the left (Uoleva, Tonga taken by fellow volunteer, Cristina)

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