Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mabel @ 18 months & our first backyard blooms

About 10 days ago, Mabel passed her 18 month mark. I would imagine posts like these would normally include how much a child is growing & doing, etc. Not our Mabel. She is TINY and although developing at what's considered a normal pace, she is so far behind where Luke was at this age, she still feels very much like a "baby" to us. We don't mind. She continues to charm us.

To celebrate turning 18 months, she walked all the way to Main Street from our house (over a half mile!!) :)

And! The snow has melted once again (hopefully for good this time) to reveal our first flowers of the season -- hurrah! I'd never seen these sweet little flowers until last year when the popped up, carpeting the back corner of our yard in white and purple. After a little researching, we found out they are called Anemones. So thankful for their cheery blooms!

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