Sunday, June 4, 2017

Saying Goodbye to Moscow

We have officially left Moscow. We made it out Thursday morning after what felt like a completely exhausting whirlwind of final house projects, packing and cleaning; all while still trying to feed, clothe and provide attention to our children. I was really, really, really thankful that Jason wasn't working in the midst of it all!

We did make it to one final Saturday morning Farmer's Market before we left -- our first & last one for the season. We will really miss this part of our summertime Saturday mornings.

One final photo in front of our home ... leaving it was pretty hard. Although we've always known we would leave and rent it out, actually walking away from it a bit emotional. This was also the first time that Jason & I haven't moved or left a place together which was really strange. With two cars, we knew we'd be driving separately, but I hadn't really processed what that meant - that we'd be embarking on our next journey apart.

One of my very good friends came to see us off Thursday morning which made leaving feel even more real. When we first moved to Idaho, I'd expressed to a friend that I had a hard time imagining ever missing Moscow once we moved away.  At the time, I was still going through reverse culture shock and grieving leaving our Guatemala life & friends. Even in the midst of that, I still knew that if I made friends, I would most certainly miss Moscow... and that is exactly what happened. I am so thankful for the friends I leave behind in Moscow (many who in the past weeks helped us out by watching our kids and coming to help clean our house).

Alli and I met through a Women's Bible study a couple years ago and have been doing a weekly babysitting swap for the past year and a half. As a mom to 5 she has had a ton of wisdom and encouragement to share with me and has become an awesome friend who I will miss dearly. It was so so fun to have her and her sweet boys waving goodbye to us as we drove off. The kids will really miss each other as well. A few final shots of them altogether.

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