Thursday, November 16, 2017

Feeling GOOD at Badlands National Park

Saturday was a pretty decent weather day and with the bonus of it being a National Parks "free weekend" we decided to check out Badlands National Park.

It is a really bizarre piece of landscape. Very cool, but very weird too. Sort of felt like we were on the moon. The lack of anybody being around added to the eerie feeling :)


We came across this and were pretty impressed by whoever must be pedaling it across the country.

Owner of this fine piece of transportation in the far distance. Pretty hard core, but we weren't jealous.

We were super excited to see this guy emerge from one of the canyons -- first big horn sheep sighting for us in S. Dakota!

It wasn't our last sighting for the day --

No outing in S. Dakota would be complete without seeing at least one bison ... and a coyote :)

Since we'd heard that Wall Drug in Wall, S. Dakota was a "must-see" and it was on our way home, we decided to check it out. The kids really enjoyed it! We enjoyed our 5 cent coffee and were super glad to be there in the off season when things were empty.

We clearly tired Mabel out with all our sight seeing.

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