Saturday, June 15, 2019

Changing jobs ... without moving!

Jason just finished his second week at a new job. He is now a Service Forester for the state of South Dakota! And, the best part? We didn't have to move to a new house, city, state or country to make this happen! Hurray! An added bonus? Jason's new workplace is a mile from our house, so he can ride his bike to work and there is a park nearby that makes it easy for us to meet up as a family for his lunch break. Woo-hoo!

Most of all, we're hoping this position will be a good fit for Jason and his skill set. Although the National Wild Turkey Federation was a good employer and he learned a lot, his position was lacking in what he'd gone back to school to do - Forestry. While there are Forestry jobs across the world, after being here 20 months, the kids and I were just starting to feel settled and have friends, so Jason looked a little locally and came up with nothing. Then he was approached by someone at the State regarding this position and the rest God lined up for us. We are thankful.

First Day of Work --

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