Saturday, December 21, 2019

Finishing Fall

It feels like winter has been here for a very long time already, but we just officially finished up the fall season. Last month we did have several weekend days with reasonable weather and took advantage by getting out for hikes on some new trails. We also had a wonderful time adding leaves to our Thankful Tree for the month of November. Such a good habit to get into -- thinking of at least one thing that we are each thankful for (and having the kids keep me accountable to do it!)

We've had the opportunity to participate in a bunch of other fun/lovely things: Diwali Festival at the SD School of Mines, community sponsored Thanksgiving in the Park Feast for those in need, Thanksgiving with Rapid City friends, getting our Christmas tree, plus attending a community tree lighting, a day of Frozen (movie) activities at the library and enjoying the first blizzard of the season from the sweet confines of our cozy house. Hurray!

We also had to say goodbye to our little Subaru. It needed repairs that would have cost nearly more than the car was worth. Although we'd only had the car 3 years, it was still a little sad to see it go -- we've been on some great road trips in it. And now we're down to just our Jeep once again. Super thankful that Jason has been able to ride his bike to work nearly every day (even in snow & ice!) and praying the the Jeep will continue to run well for us until we can locate a cheap & reliable car next year some time.
A quick check-in at Mt Rushmore -- it's still there :)

Hiking around a frozen Horse Thief Lake

Schroeder trail area

Osprey Trail at Pactola Reservoir

Thankful Tree

Thanksgiving Fun!

In the Black Hills National Forest finding the "perfect" tree

Blizzard day and driving in the hills the day after. Beautiful!

Fireworks at the Diwali Festival. Tree Lighting at Wilson Park. And, just having fun!

Good bye Subaru, thanks for all the great rides :(

Beautiful view from our window; but if it's what Fall looks like, I'm a little worried what the upcoming Winter is going to look like!

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