Saturday, May 2, 2020

Putting an end winter {I hope!}

With it being MAY I'm hoping that we have reached the end of our winter season. With the first measureable snow of the season hitting us in early October and our most recent in mid-April, I am very, very much ready for this SIX month season to just move along.

To be fair, we've had some had some truly wonderful, warm days lately which has been a-mazing! Annoyingly enough though, I feel like with each warm day my tolerance for the cold ones gets weaker and weaker...

Last week, we got to enjoy our first fire in our backyard fire ring complete with hot dogs and s'mores and this past Sunday, we went for a hike in the hills on a trail completely clear of snow! Quite exciting!

Winter fun on ice at Sheridan Lake

Hiking to the Stratobowl -- a warmer day, but still with plenty of snow on the ground

Spending Leap Day at the "Outhouse Races" in Nemo, SD
Celebrating World Wildlife Day at Custer State Park

Pactola Reservoir ... another "warm" spring day with plenty of ice still on the water

Waiting for our very FIRST flower of the season to open up -- on March 31st :)

Luke turns 7 on April 2nd and he gets 8 inches of snow as a present

Celebrating new life on Easter Sunday, and enjoying another 6 inches of snow. 

Catching what we hope are the last snow flakes for the season

Thrilled to get to have our first fire of the season in our backyard firepit.
Complete with hot dogs and s'mores!

First rainbow of this year, with many more to come; and finally getting some flowers in the garden!

Hiking at Deefield Trail #40 ... a beautiful day!

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