Thursday, May 1, 2008

Strange Week

This week has been a strange week.

At work, I vascillate between sheer boredom and utter panic which I think might be bad physically?? Most of the time, I have very little to do (hence why I started blogging!), but that complete lack of work is sprinkled with times when my boss is completely freaking out because there is traffic and his black car service isn't getting him to the train station on-time or he's getting dropped from his international conference call. While these things aren't truly my fault ... in the investment banking world, they are my fault and that can be really difficult to deal with sometimes.

My boss is also not one who acknowledges his assistants for any special occassions ... I got a very generous gift from someone elses banker for Christmas and from the jr. bankers I support, but nothing from him. And that is fine with me, I don't expect anything. Well last week was Admin Day and things went as I'd expected - no acknowledgement from surprise. However, yesterday he completely floored me and another Admin by asking to take us to lunch in thanks and to commemorate Admin Day. We both could not believe what we were reading! Completely shocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sadly, neither of us really want to go and have to come up with things to talk about with this man that neither of us has anything in common with.

And today, I get a call from my temp agency letting me know that the bank is inquiring about hiring me on permenantly! Ohhh-kaayy .... seriously? I have 8 weeks left to work here after this week (although they don't know that) and NOW after over 9 months of working here, I'm potentially getting offered a permanent position??

The timing of life is always interesting, isn't it?

My parents are coming tonight ... it's the first time I've seen them since June. The longest I've ever gone without seeing them and I am very excited about their visit. Jas & I have both Friday & Monday OFF. Woo-hoo!! Perhaps my strange week will at least end less strange??


Molly W. said...

ughh -what did you say to them about the full time issue? Sigh...I hate situations like that. I can totally relate to how you feel about the job Car -no wise words to give really but I can totally relate.
On a happier note- HAVE SO MUCH FUN WITH THE FOLKS!! Can't wait to see some pics of your time together!

Will said...

Ack, your boss sounds like he's straight out of "The Devil Wears Prada". He doesn't know how to vent his frustration and just directs it to the wrong people; I kinda feel sad for him (regardless of how much he makes) and even sadder for his family and friend(s), if any!

As a warning though, most corporations monitor how Internet traffic is directed so I'm not sure if you blog at work, but they might be able to see you doing that (if they care).

I didn't know about Admin day! Grats on BA trying to hire ya! Do you think that'll affect where you're going or staying? Usually temp agencies take much longer, at least a year or more, to hire someone into a full time position. Maybe it'll transfer to wherever you're going!

Hope you and Jason have a nice 4 day weekend :)