Monday, December 15, 2008

Twenty-two hours in Koror

This past Thursday, we headed into Koror by ferry for the first time in nearly 10 weeks to stock up on food and home repair supplies that we hope will last us for the next 3 months. This trip, our new friends, Ty & Kelly were extremely generous to us -picking us up at the harbor, driving us to all of our shopping stops and having us spend the night at their place. I had the verse from II Corinthians "Thanks be to God for his indescribable gifts" playing in my head over and over in my head during our brief time there.

Here's a view of Angaur's blowhole from the ferry:

Sarah was going into town too for some Peace Corps training so we had fun chatting during our 4 hour boat ride.

Our view along the way.

Ty & Kelly have a membership at the Palau Pacific Resort - the absolute nicest resort in Palau - so we headed there for a scrumptious meal on the terrace while the lowering sun painted the sky some beautiful colors. Everything was decorated for Christmas and looked really lovely.

The view from Ty & Kelly's lovely apartment.

A cool Filipino fishing boat also on it's way to Angaur.

Some of the beautiful rock islands on our way back to Angaur.

Awesome rain cloud up above!

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Molly W. said...

I'm glad you got a great meal and time "away" -who hoo!!