Monday, January 19, 2009

Homemade Carmels!

One of my favorite childhood memories with my fun Aunt Lori is going to her house to make carmels. What a long, painstaking process it was ... but SOOOO worth it when they were done. I don't know that we ever had very many left after sampling them :).

I mentioned to her a few weeks ago how good those would taste right now, but didn't know how they'd do in the mail ... well, she took the chance and made some to send us. They arrived on the boat on Friday and WOW are they good! Of course, I dove right in to "check" and see that they arrived tasting as they should (did they ever!). Then I promptly decided that I should take a photo of them before I ate them all, but my fingers were still a little slippery and I dropped my camera (breaking it temporarily) ... so no photos. All I can say though is YUM!

Thanks Aunt Lori!

1/21 - Managed to get a photo before I ate them all!

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