Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Street

We love the street that we live on here! Not only are we only a 30 minute walk from both the school and our church, we have an incredible variety of food and shopping options within a 2 - 15 minute walk.

One of our favorite features is the fact that if we walk down this driveway of our compound and turn one direction, we get "real China." If we turn in the other direction, we get "ex-pat China."

The fact that Shanghai offers both worlds so easily to its residents seems to be one of the big draws to living here - we sure enjoy it!

Head to the right and there are fruit stalls, dumpling shops, noodle carts, more kabob choices than you've ever imagined and many other food that I've never seen before!

Head to the left of our driveway and the street is fairly clean and tree-lined. A 15 minute walk will bring you to a pedestrian-resaurant path where sidewalk cafes are the norm and you can find just about any international cuisine you crave. On the way there, there are many recognizable establishments which leave you wondering - am I really in China?

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Molly W. said...

Cold Stone, really?!! that's just crazy! Nice to have the best of both worlds so close!