Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kids & Couches

I realize I've been a bit absent from the blog lately ... Jason started coaching the varsity boys basketball team at the same time that I started my Chinese lessons and between the two, we've had very little time for exploring or doing much lately.  In the meantime though, I've been trying to really see the things around me and if possible, capture them with my camera.
There is an "old" section of town just a few blocks from where we live and it always astounds us how we can be on a modern, busy street one moment and the next moment be somewhere that seems almost lost to time.  As we journeyed through this alley yesterday I saw these kids gleefully enjoying these worn out couch/chairs and I couldn't help by share.
I love so many things about this picture ... the kids and how happy they seem to be playing on the dirty street, the fact that the clothes line is barbed wire, the trash cart and random boots scattered everywhere. 

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Molly W. said...

a beautiful photo, all around.