Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Thanksgiving ..... chicken?

Although I hadn't had any intention of doing a Thanksgiving feast this year due to our unusual living/working arrangment, for some reason last week it just popped into my mind that I should do it ... and off we went, hunting down needed items from the various foreign markets in Shanghai.

Turkeys are imported here and are incredibly expensive ($60 for a small one), so we decided on the cheaper chicken for $7.  That's when I realized, chickens come WHOLE here -- meaning the head is still attached!!  At first, it grossed me out, but then I got on board remembering this is where we live, why not?

Ironically, the best looking chicken we found was at a market that sold them headless ... that's when I remembered that I'd never cooked a whole chicken before ... after searching a bit, I found this recipe that I mostly followed and it turned out really, really delicious!

A pre- and post- picture ... (looking really glamorous, ha ha)

One thing that made our day extra special was that my friend Natalie and her son George were able to join us.  George is a China-born, British boy who celebrated his first American Thanksgiving before turning one! 

PS -- we are so thankful for the many, many blessings that God has bestowed on us, adding them all up, it overwhelms me that we have been given SO much!


Kim said...

Good for you!!! And it looks authentic and yummy :)))

Molly W. said...

Way to go, Car!! It looks delish! Happy Chinese Thanksgiving to you!!!

Will said...

Yum!! Great idea on the chicken substitute :)