Thursday, October 20, 2011

A bit of family & exploring

Last week we were able to do a bit of visiting before the weather and our job responsibilities keep us close to our home. 

I saw more wooden, covered bridges last week than I expected to see during our entire time here!  Sadly, they are now all starting to look alike ...


Quechee Gorge -- Amazing!  Not sure why we both have such goofy expressions, but we look like we're having fun, right?

Catching up with my cousin, Lindy who I haven't seen for years and getting a glimpse of Dartmouth -- we were a day early for the Presidential debate!

Visiting some "cousins" in Rhode Island -- Paul with his daughter Cindy, who shares the same great-great grandparents with me.  I soaked up the ocean breeze, knowing it may be awhile before I see the coast again.

Jason goes to Yale!

Visiting a Peace Corps friend, Soraya, and her husband Yun in Connecticut.  I last saw them in Beijing!  Didn't they have the best wedding cake toppers you've ever seen???

And a stop at Trader Joes!!  We don't have these anywhere close to where we live, so I had to go stock up on a few favorite items! 

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