Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Poconos

When I hear anyone mention this place, all I can picture are heart-shaped bathtubs and honeymooning couples.  That's all I knew about the Poconos ... until this weekend.

We wanted to have a last getaway before winter locks us into our home at Forest Echo and we also hoped to see some friends from Virginia at the same time.  The Poconos is exactly halfway between us, so we decided to meet up there.  As I started researching places to stay, I was amazed at what a large region of Pennsylvania "poconos" covers.  Picking the "right" place was sort of stressful!

We ended up along the banks of Lake Wallenpaupack and thoroughly enjoyed our stay.  Although it isn't the prettiest time of year here (all the trees are naked), there are cute towns/villages around and lots of hiking opportunities.  It helped that it was 76 degrees on Saturday!!!  Probably our last day like that until April or May, so I was drinking it in!

Trying to get a picture of the four of us was not easy -- would have been nice without a branch going through  Megan's face :)

Ohhh ... where to sit??

On our drive back, Jason & I took the scenic route and ended up in Woodstock, NY -- we weren't sure what to expect since all we knew of the area was the famous/infamous concerts.  It actually has a very cute downtown.  Very hippy (obviously), but quirky and a lot of fun!

Cupcake shops are sorely lacking in Vermont, so I was really excited when I saw this sign.  Unfortunately, once inside the shop, it had a funky smell and the cupcakes were minuscule (they didn't even clear the top of the cupcake liner!).  So, out we went and I had a delicious Mexican hot chocolate instead.  Yum!  A rather perfect end to a lovely weekend!

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Shan in Japan said...

I have that same image of the poconos! Too bad about the cupcakes, but yay for hot chocolate!