Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Sea Coast

One of the BIG things I miss about living in Vermont is the proximity to the ocean ... until 10 days ago I hadn't seen the ocean since the end of July.  For a girl who grew up 20 minutes from the beach, that is a very l-o-n-g time! 

Last Wednesday we made a rather spontaneous trip to New Hampshire's sea coast.  Although it was literally freezing (below zero the night before), it was a gorgeous day and we decided the three-hour car ride there would be worth it for a little exploration. 

It is sort of weird to go from this setting ...

... into this one ...
Unfortunately, at around 10 degrees and very windy, we did not go for a stroll on this beautiful beach, but we enjoyed a beautiful drive up the coast, heading for Portsmouth. 

In New Hampshire, even the lobsters eat ice cream!

We found Portsmouth to be a gorgeous little town and with the bitter cold, it was a good day to pop in and out of the cute shops in the downtown area. 


Then, since we were literally only across a bridge from Maine, we decided we should at least go to Maine for a few minutes.  We were treated to a gorgeous end of the day.


Shan in Japan said...

What a gorgeous place! I grew up thousands of miles from the beach, but I also miss it when I don't get to see it often. Even in the freezing cold it is beautiful and peaceful.
Thanks for taking up the challenge with me to pray for our leaders.
Oh, FYI, I'll be going to the US in March for home assignment. I will send you a letter with my address at my parents' :)

Jeannie Hazell said...

I miss u im hoping u come home even if its for a few months..... our family wants to be apart of this beautiful miracle. Love u guys :) im looking forward to meeting your little ball of Sunshine.