Friday, March 15, 2013

Getting a mom hair cut @ 10 days to go

Several friends of mine have donated their hair in recent years and their actions inspired me to plan on donating mine next time I was thinking of doing anything drastic to my hair.  I kept thinking I would wait just one more year for it to get even longer, but in looking at pictures from the past couple years, I don't think my hair has really gotten any longer. 

So ... I figured now would be the best time to chop it off and send it in (especially since apparently my hair will fall out in clumpfuls after I deliver).

With only 10 days until my due date, today was the big day!

As my pregnancy winds down, I am working on developing thicker skin to the many comments people seem to think are helpful/encouraging.  I no longer tear up at the more insensitve ones, but can't help shaking my head in amazement.  After several months of these comments I wonder if I've ever said these things to a pregnant woman?? I certainly hope not!  For those curious souls out there, here are a few sample comments that I can attest really aren't necessary for a pregnant woman (or any woman) to be told:
- Wow, you're huge! It's unbelievable!
- You're really starting to waddle now.
- Looks like you're busting out of your clothes, time to get some bigger ones.

Being a person who often forgets to think before I speak, these comments have prompted some good self-reflection for me.  Perhaps, this will help me be more thoughtful in my own comments to people?


Shan in Japan said...

Your new haircut looks great!
Prayers for a safe delivery!

Kim said...

Great haircut!!!

I LOVED being pregnant-big and didn't mind the comments on my size, but what really bothered me were the women (usually strangers) who 1. felt they needed to tell me their horrific birth story and 2. laughed at or judged my decision to try natural childbirth. Not helping ladies!!

Praying for you guys!!

Molly W. said...

Cute hair!! I'm sorry people are SO LAME, but happens to ALL of us. :( You look great, cannot wait to hear about little man!!

Jen said...

Cute hair cut!