Saturday, June 22, 2013

THE Bay of Fundy

Even though we stayed dry in our tent camping through a very rainy night at Acadia, all our camping gear was soaked and wouldn't be usable again until dried out.  This sort of threw a wrench in our plans since we'd intended to camp during our time in Canada with a hotel night here and there.  So, we decided tojust drive up to New Brunswick with the intent of just staying 2 - 3 nights in a hotel and essentially spending our week+ trip budget in 2-3 days instead, skipping Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia for this time.

With the highest tides in the world, Bay of Fundy has been on my list for a long time and it was really really cool to see it in person.

We found an adorable "chalet" to stay in just minutes outside of Fundy National Park and had a great time exploring the park ...

The quintessential Fundy picture -- boats on dry land one minute and floating in feet of water the next

SO many beautiful waterfalls!!!

AMAZING sticky buns at Kelly's Bakeshop!

Other pretty spots

Our little chalet  :)

View from our porch with the bay in the distance

Jason cooked a lobster for the first time -- he said it was delicious 

Treated to an unbelievable sunrise on our last morning

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