Thursday, February 6, 2014

Exploring the ruins of Tikal

At 4 am on January 1st (how's that for a start to the New Year???!?!), Jason & his parents boarded a shuttle which was the beginning of the journey to visit some of Guatemala's most popular ruins - Tikal.

I visited Tikal when I was in Guatemala nearly eight years ago and while it would have been awesome to join them, it wasn't a place I relished visiting with a baby (especially since there is actually some malaria risk there).  So, Luke & I hung out in Antigua for the two days they were gone and had fun exploring the city further.

Jason took some great pictures of their trip:

They got to stay right inside the park, at the Tikal Inn.  Nice!

What the "sunrise tour" looked like the following morning --- no SUN! :(

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Lori said...

Lovely pics Carrie. Take care Aunt Lori