Saturday, February 15, 2014

Students showing love

Many of Jason's students habitually disappoint him with the poor choices they make at school. They often lack respect for him and others, and generally just don't seem too interested or motivated to make an effort to learn. They DO surprise him sometimes by exhibiting rare virtues without any coaching to do so. Yesterday was a prime example of one of these good surprises...

I made these heart-shaped sugar cookies for them and their reaction nearly brought tears to my eyes. His students with younger siblings at the school immediately asked if they could go and give them part of their cookie. To only have one cookie each and to choose to share it was such a sweet picture of loving kindness and a good reminder that his students do have some redeeming qualities. Another teacher shared with us that one the siblings who had received a small piece of his brother's cookie turned and shared his small piece with one of his classmates. What a beautiful scene of love, family & friendship, yes?

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Lori said...

That is so sweet and heart warming.