Friday, May 2, 2014

Hiking to Fuentes Georginas

Jason's heading out today for another trek with Quetzaltrekkers. It's hard to feel too guilty about contributing to their business when all profits go directly to helping street kids in Xela. This trek Jason will be doing a one-way hike from Xela back here to Lake Atitlán. Ironically, the drive to Xela takes around 2 hours ... the hike will be under 25 miles which says something about the roads here :)

Jason's most recent trek was to the hot pools of Fuentes Georginas which was a 17 mile day-hike ending in the best spot possible -- natural hot springs!  An additional draw was the variety of landscapes they would hike through all in one day -- bamboo, pine, rain and cloud forests, plus be treated to some incredible volcano views.

Lake Atitlán in the distance --

The Georginas Fuentes Hot Springs!!!

Riding back to Xela in the back of a truck.

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