Friday, May 23, 2014

Seven years + four days; and Lake Atitlán's San Juan la Laguna

This time seven years ago, Jason & I were arriving in Hong Kong, the first stop of our around-the-world journey. Not perhaps the honeymoon I'd recommend to a lot of people and as much as I enjoy travelling, I'll admit I'm really, really glad not to be doing that trip now - with Luke in tow.

To celebrate our seven years of marriage, we took a boat across the lake for a long weekend and had a fabulous time in a cliff-side cabin at with an amazing view. It was the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings and revive ourselves for our final weeks here. We got to swim and canoe and just relax.  Jason & I  each started and finished a book during our three days away -- there's something to be said for no TV & no internet :)

Since Luke still gets up around 5 am, we got to enjoy a spectacular sunrise together on our last morning :)

We got to visit the village of San Juan la Laguna also which was a first time for me. I loved it!  Still plenty of tourists, but not so gringo-fied as San Pedro ... it still felt like you were in Guatemala which I think is a good thing!  We also accidentally got stuck in a political rally - ha ha! For the Patriota group -- the locals seemed to enjoy seeing us weaving through the crowd.

Our last stop was at San Juan's organic coffee cooperative -- and of course to have some of their delicious coffee!

And then, like all vacations, it came to an end and we headed back across this beautiful lake --

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