Monday, August 18, 2014

Last days in Spokane & a trip to Montana

The remainder of our time in Spokane was filled with fun outdoor activities, relaxing at the Schlafmann house and time with family & friends. Unfortunately, all of the travel/change finally caught up to Luke and he started waking up during the night and stopped taking his daytime nap. Boo! I felt pretty exhausted all the time, but it was a good reminder to be {really} thankful for the days when we have a baby who sleeps.

Just before we made our move to Moscow, we drove over to Kalispell, Montana to visit my friend Gail (who I've been friends with now for nearly 25 years!). She and her husband made the move to Montana from California this past year and it was great to see their new home and explore their new town -- the gateway to the incredible Glacier National Park.

An afternoon at the beautiful Ashley Lake, just a few miles from their house --

Found a version of my very first car (the 1976 Mustang!) and had to stop for a picture --  mine was darker, metallic brown and a year older, but to me this looked identical.

Gail and I couldn't pass up a loaded Serviceberry patch alongside the road --

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