Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Finding Thankfulness

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, it's easy to start to get into the "thankful" mindset ... it's also something I try to do when I've been feeling discontent. I find it works wonders on my attitude in mere minutes when I start looking around me and focusing my brain on how much I have that I have done nothing to deserve. {Don't you wish our "thankful" feelings could carry over at least through Christmas?? Seems like they run out as soon as the day is over ...}

We have had some very, very gray days here lately and I have been incredibly thankful for our cheery pellet stove, both for it's ability to keep our cabin cozy, but also for how the firelight somehow makes our space seem happy even when it's so gloomy outside.

Another gloom buster has been the view from our living room window -- it amazes me how much being able to SEE out (for a long ways) does for my mental well being on these days where the sun is in hiding.

My third gloom buster has been the fall foliage. While it's certainly not Vermont, it has been spectacular, especially in contrast to the dreary skies.  I've been cutting bunches of the beautiful branches off, bringing them inside and shoving them into every corner and window I can.

The one thing I DO know about living in gloomy places is that when the sun does actually come out, it makes everyone so happy - you feel like you've been given a special gift and you have.  The below afternoon we spent at the Virgil Phillips Farm was one of those days --


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